Hi Scienta, you and Jacinta are SUCH AMAZING PEOPLE!! Honestly – the work you both did to get everything sorted and to make it look as gorgeous as it did is outstanding. I feel like Chris and I will forever be in your debt. To then read this email and see that you’re not only amazing people, but exceedingly generous as well has just absolutely blown my mind. I wish there were enough words to say thank you to you both. We did mention you both in our wedding speech but I don’t think Jacinta had a chance to hear it…and it’s nowhere near enough. Honestly, Chris and I are just amazed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Thank you a million times over. I will be ranting about your services and promoting you like nothing else to all of my friends. I just feel like we both owe you guys so much. Our day would have been nothing without either of you, and your amazing hard work. Thank you again for the millionth time. I feel so incredibly blessed. Rhiannon xo